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The direct translation of Taekwondo is the art of “punching and kicking”

Tae – To attack with the fist

Kwon – To attack with the foot

Do – The art of  

Taekwondo, a comprehensive Korean martial art, combines dynamic sport elements and is an Olympic medal event since 2000. It is widely recognized as the most widely practiced martial art globally, with over 30 million active participants.

This martial art aims to empower individuals by fostering self-esteem, imparting knowledge of self-defense, promoting physical and mental well-being, all of which ultimately contribute to the ultimate goal of achieving inner harmony. Over the years Taekwondo has evolved in to many different variations.

We at Alpha Taekwondo teach and abide by the Olympic recognised World Taekwondo rules & regulations.

Patterns (Poomsae)

Poomsae, also known as patterns, are a set of predetermined sequences of movements that embody the fundamental techniques of Taekwondo, including various stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks. 

Practicing Poomsae sharpens core strength, improves balance, and hones the ability to execute movements with precision. They also play a crucial role in Taekwondo gradings, as proficiency in Poomsae is required to advance to higher belt levels

Our club is highly competitive and dedicated to excellence. We have achieved great success in recent competitions, including a 1st Place overall trophy at the prestigious British National Championships 2022. We are proud to have produced numerous national champions and medalists, demonstrating the high level of skill and dedication of our members.

Sparring (Kyourigi)

Kyourigi, also referred to as Sports Taekwondo, is a vital aspect of Taekwondo, with a specific emphasis on training for competitions. It is characterized by its impressive high and spinning kicks, and sparring places a premium on speed, agility, and strength. Kyourigi is the sport side of Taekwondo that allows practitioners to put into practice the techniques they have learned in a competitive environment.

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