Alpha Taekwondo

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling with Alpha Taekwondo all student members and parents/guardians of student members under 18yrs agree to the following membership terms and conditions.

  1. All students must behave responsibly and conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner while attending lessons.  This includes arrival before and after the lesson.

  2. Members, Parents/guardians must be aware of and abide by the club’s Codes of Conduct policy. Available on our website

  3. Members, Parents/guardians must be aware of and accept the London Taekwondo Falcons Privacy and Data Protection policies for GDPR compliance.  Available on our website

  4. Parents/guardians are to be aware that no supervision is offered for students before the start and after the end of a lesson.  

  5. No supervision is offered for students of any age who leave the lesson for any reason.

  6. If a student wishes to leave the lesson for any reason, they must inform the instructor beforehand.

  7. Students wishing to attend a lesson without their membership card must inform the instructor before the start of the lesson.

  8. The parents/guardians of young children are advised to remain on site during the lesson.  It is assumed that any parent/guardian not remaining on site during the lesson consents to their child leaving the lesson unsupervised and/or making unsupervised visits to the nearest toilet.  This includes leaving the lesson unsupervised once the instructor has dismissed the class.

  9. It is the responsibility of the student or the parent/guardian of the student to inform the instructor of any physical injuries or disabilities that may affect the student during the lesson.  This must be done prior to the start of the lesson.

  10. By signing in to the class in the register prior to the lesson students are declaring their fitness to partake in the lesson.  If any student is in doubt about their ability to train they should consult their doctor prior to training.

  11. Students must not change clothing or eat in the training hall.

  12. All contact details for the student including next of kin details must be kept up to date with Alpha Taekwondo.  Alpha Taekwondo must be notified of any changes immediately.

  13. If a lesson cannot commence for any reason, then Alpha Taekwondo will endeavour to inform all students prior to that lesson.  It is not guaranteed that an alternative to the cancelled lesson will be offered.

  14. Alpha Taekwondo reserves the right to alter class start times and duration as necessary.

  15. Training fees reflect and include discounts to allow for short breaks in training at Easter, during the summer school holidays and Christmas.  These breaks will normally be no longer than two weeks.

  16. No training will take place on public holidays.

  17. Membership fees are non-refundable.

  18. It is the responsibility of the student (or parent/guardian of the student where applicable) to ensure all training fees and any other costs are paid in full when due.  Failure to do so may result in extra charges being applied to your account.

  19. Membership can only be cancelled in writing.  A minimum period of one (1) month’s notice will apply.

  20. Membership will be deemed to be active until cancelled in writing.  No refund of membership fees will be offered for non-attendance of lessons.

  21. Memberships cancelled and reactivated within six months will be liable to a £45 re-enrolment fee per student.

  22. Family and dual membership discounts apply to immediate family members only.  Immediate family members are deemed to include parents, couples, children of parents or siblings in one family.

  23. Alpha Taekwondo reserves the right to refuse new applications for membership or cancel existing memberships at any time.

  24. If paying by direct debit, please note that Alpha Taekwondo has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, GoCardless Limited to collect your payments.

  25. Students are invited to attend gradings at the discretion of Alpha Taekwondo.  No grading tests are permitted in the last 30 days of membership after notice has been given. You can take one final test before leaving but your last day of paid membership must be no less than 30 days after the grading date.

  26. Alpha Taekwondo reserves the right to remove/alter any discount schemes or promotions.

  27. Events such as, but not limited to, gradings, lessons, tournaments, seminars, etc may be filmed or photographed by Alpha Taekwondo.  We reserve the right to use such images for promotional purposes either online or in printed format.  Any student or parent/guardian of a student can opt out in writing if they do not wish their or their child’s image to be used for promotional purposes.

  28. Any sparring and training equipment used for training in class must be purchased from Alpha Taekwondo only.